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Laboratory Information

Edgefield County Hospital Laboratory performs 50,000 tests annually utilizing experienced laboratory personnel and state of the art equipment. The laboratory staff works closely with physicians, nursing staff and other departments throughout the hospital to provide accurate and appropriate testing for all patients. Edgefield County Hospital Laboratory holds accreditation through COLA, the premier medical laboratory accreditation agency whose purpose is to promote excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care. The laboratory is also licensed by CLIA (The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act), SC DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) and AABB (The Association of Blood Banks).

Edgefield County Hospital is able to provide accurate and timely test results to area rural health clinics, dialysis centers, nursing homes and home health offices. Edgefield County Hospital owns two Rural Health Clinics, Peach Tree Medical Center – Edgefield, located adjacent to the hospital, and Peach Tree Medical Center -Ridge Spring. Both clinics provide laboratory testing on-site with the partnership and direction of the Hospital Laboratory.

Edgefield County Hospital Laboratory provides random and pre-employment drug testing for many area businesses and also coordinates with many area businesses and other groups to provide health fair screenings for their employees.

Reference Laboratory Testing is provided through University Hospital, and Anatomic Pathology and Cytology Services are provided through South Path. Shepeard Blood Center provides blood components to our hospital for transfusions. All of these businesses are located in Augusta Ga.

Edgefield County Hospital Laboratory provides outpatient testing for many specialty physicians in the Augusta, Aiken, Greenwood and Columbia areas. Patients can either bring in their physician’s order for lab work or have the physician’s office fax the order into us directly. We will then have the patient register and collect the samples required by the physician’s order. Laboratory results will then be faxed to the ordering physician’s office. We pride ourselves in providing these services to our local residents which allows them to obtain the results needed by their physician without having to travel to their office.

Below are some of the many tests available from our testing menu:

Blood Banking and Transfusion Services
Complete Blood Counts
Lipid and Cholesterol Testing
Urinalysis Testing

Drug / Alcohol Testing
Rapid Testing for Influenza and Group A Streptococcus (Strep Throat)
Pregnancy Testing

Glucose Tolerance Testing

Blood Gas Analysis
Blood Glucose and Hemoglobin A1C Testing
Liver and Kidney Function Tests
Electrolyte Function Testing
Cardiac Testing
Coagulation Studies including PT/INR and PTT

Anatomic Pathology and Cytology Services

Thank you for your interest in our department. If you need additional information please contact our office at (803) 637-1184, or our direct fax number is (803) 637-1198.

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