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Currently offering Lapiplasty Bunion Correction Surgery!

Dr. George Sich, with Podiatric Surgical Associates, is currently offering Lapiplasty surgery at Edgefield County Hospital. The procedure is performed in order to do a bunion correction. The outcome of this procedure is quite impressive. Lapiplasty corrects bunions by cutting and shifting the bone in order to correct the deformity. Prior to Lapliplasty, bunion correction was much more invasive. Lapiplasty has shown to be cutting edge reducing the amount of healing time for patients. 

Click Here to view more information about this procedure. 

To schedule a consultation appointment, please call Podiatric Surgical Associates at 803-648-6988 (No Referral Required). 

Operating and Recovery 

General surgical procedures are routinely performed at EH. A staff anesthetist assists surgeons with all procedures. OR and PACU are staffed with ACLS certified RN’s and Surgical Technicians. Our courtesy physicians perform speciality surgeries like orthopedic or ophthalmic surgery. This allows you to have your surgical procedures in the convenience of your community with your physician; family and friends close by. 

General Surgical Procedures 

• Laparoscopic 

• Gallbladder 

• Hernia Repair 

• Endoscopies 

• Colonoscopy 

• Gastroscopy

• Orthopedic

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