You are not only our patients, you're our family
-Carlos Milanes, CEO

Performance Improvement 

The mission of the Edgefield County Hospital is to “Provide Quality and Appropriate Care to All People.” The purpose of Performance Improvement is to ensure delivery of excellent care to our patients by providing a mechanism and process to identify opportunities to improve patient care, services and safety. 

PI encourages every staff member of Edgefield County Hospital to find new and improved ways of doing things. This process is accomplished by: 

* Identifying important services and types of care customers expect of Edgefield County Hospital; 

* Work out strategies to solve any problems; 

 * Put the plan into action; * Evaluate the results of the plan; and 

* Incorporate the new measure into Standard Practice. 

 PI works on focusing on how and why things go right! 

Purpose: The Utilization Review Department reviews the utilization of hospital resources against established criteria documentation requirements of external agencies. We monitor and evaluate the medical necessity, appropriateness, and efficient use of health care services. UR provides reports and recommendations to medical and hospital staff for improved utilization of resources and to maximize reimbursement while maintaining quality care.

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