New Head of ER Likes Small Town Atmosphere


Dr. Shane Mull took the path less traveled to a career in medicine. Instead, before even considered medical school he was “Full Speed Ahead” in the U.S. Navy. These days, his mornings (and some nights) are still spent around the glow of complicated machinery. The difference is that it’s not in the nuclear power plant of a massive aircraft carrier. But for his part, Mull — the new head of the Edgefield County Hospital’s Emergency Room — says he more than appreciates the change in pace. Sometimes slower is in fact better. “It’s a nice pace being in a small town,” he said. “You’re not sure what’s going to happen next, but it’s not the non-stop pace of the bigger ER’s that can just get crazy. It’s a small town and everybody knows everybody else. You are able to locate a problem and fix it. It’s instant gratification to an extent.” Dr. Mull (who took over the job at the start of the new year after joining ECH in July) replaces longtime ER head Dr. Paul Espinoza. Mull is an Ohio native and a 1993 graduate of the College of Charleston. Always a lover of science, Mull said he longed for the challenge a career in medicine offered. “One day I was planning on going back to school and I just loved the challenge of it,” he said. “One nice thing about it is that you find a problem and fix it and then move on to something else.” Mull said he wants to maintain the progress made in the ER during Dr. Espinoza’s tenure, which saw an upgrade in the facility’s size and technology and the compilation of the right staff for the job. “I think the staf is doing a good job of providing a great service to the community,” he said. “It’s hard to get and keep good people in a small town, but that community can also be used to draw in good people.” Dr. Mull, who is still in the Army National Guard, will also be dealing with an overseas deployment this summer to Iraq. He says that while he is deployed for four months, the ER will be managed in a “collective effort” until he returns. “We are still working on that,” he added. But while he is gone he knows that the people of Edgefield County will always be able to count on the Emergency Room for their urgent medical needs — day or night. “We have a good staff here and we are going to keep things going.”

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